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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Top Five-Star Hotels

Amsterdam has become one of the most highly visited tourist destinations in the European continent. There is a vast selection of activities to carry out with postcard sceneries for viewing and photo opportunities. Several popular itineraries include a visit to the canals, museums, coffee shops, shopping streets and weekly markets. Some may chance a peek at the red light districts, apparently more legal than others, to satisfy the curiosity if nothing else. If you are a traveler seeking a comfortable stay with expectations of pampering at the highest levels of luxury, what you should first look for are the five-star hotels in this quaint city.

For instance, the Hotel Pulitzer which is arguably the most unique of luxurious hotels in the home city of the famous painter called Rembrandt proudly offer the availability of 230 rooms as well as 25 canal houses similar to those of the 17th and 18th centuries. This is certainly a venue for a relaxing stay as well as an educational reflection on the city's history.

Amsterdam has the Amstel Intercontinental which sports a traditionally furnished hotel located at a strategic and idyllic position of a private square along Amstel River. The serenity and centrality of its location offers convenience to its guests. It has 79 rooms in addition to suites along the waterside with a strong essence of elegance. La Rive, the hotel's leading restaurant is one out of the total of four Michelin-starred kitchens which the city of Amsterdam proudly boasts to the dining community. One should not miss out on a perfect meal at the best table of the house.

Hotel de I'Europe is a family-run hotel in this city. Being on the list of five-star hotels, this place marks a romantic love story whereby it is a gift from a beer magnate, Freddy Heineken to his wife. It has become a historical significance and is now owned by his daughter. Situated at the Muntplein overlooking the quiet Amstel River, its location in the center of the busiest regions in Amsterdam makes it a tourist magnet for accommodation.

One of the biggest hotels among Amsterdam's five-star hotels is Hotel Okura boasting 315 rooms and suites. Being the best, it is mostly frequented by business travelers or vacationers seeking luxury in quieter environments away from the city buzz. The rooms are tastefully furnished in modern themes. The hotel holds two of the city's four Michelin-starred restaurants as well as several other world-class dining facilities.

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